Wednesday, October 29, 2008


disebabkan semalam sy kene tag , jd
arini sy pon nk men tag gak.
*pada yg ditag sile copy yerk yg bawah nie*

Name ?
it's WANI .

What color of shirts are you wearing rite now?

pink ? erk.

What is the last think you've done with your handphone?

When is the last time u went to the bathroom?
30min ago

What is your phone model?
S.E k810i

What do you want to say now?
"aku bosan !"

What is the latest movie you've watched?

What is the last book you've read?
buku mikrobiologi III

Your favorite words?
bapek die~

List out you favourite song.
mls nk senaraikan.

People to tag
sape tag sy smlm ? mari2 kite tag die balek..


1 comment:

asiahaha said...

nati kite bt eik. =p