Saturday, November 29, 2008

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*SEVEN facts about me*
kumpul jam tgn hobi sy.
-sy xske org yg ckp putar belit..oh kaw ! penipu !
-sy suke cakap ngn KUCEN2 sy.
makan makan ske
sy syg kt maya,k.echa,ain && echa nazira
sy tgh lapar skang.*23:06pm//29.11.08*

*SIX unspectacular quirks about me*
sy cepat bosan ngn sesuatu benda
sy xske org tgur care cem C$%$%$%$#@$#&
sy BENCI penipu itu !
alwez talk shit !
ahaha.bohong saja.

*SEVEN people to tag*

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